We Specialize in Pain Free Dentistry

You Don't Have to Fear the Dentist Anymore!

Dr. Kevin Granger and his team believe that a dental visit should not hurt, no matter how complex.  Dr. Granger has all the tools to help you relax. 

One of the most popular solutions for folks who haven’t been to the dentist in years is Sedation Dentistry.  It has helped millions of people get the dental work they’ve avoided.  Oral sedation is safe and effective.  So, if you fear the drill, Sedation Dentistry is an excellent solution.

Another popular solution is Laser Dentistry.  Dr Granger began working with dental lasers in 2003 and later invested in laser technology for the benefit of his patients.

Drills create heat and vibration. Dental lasers don’t, which allow most procedures to be completed without anesthesia.  When you remove pain, you are more relaxed and calm after the procedure.  Laser Dentistry means no pain, fewer visits and a quicker recovery.

Patients may also access our great selection of music and video to re-focus their attention during the procedure. 

This combination of soothing staff and environment and Dr Granger’s excellent knowledge of pain-free dental techniques assures you a relaxing and soothing dental experience.  We invite you to schedule an appointment today and see for yourself.