Trained and Certified for Sedation Dentistry

Granger, DDS Trained, Certified for Sedation and Dentistry 

Dr. Granger is trained and certified in the administration of oral sedatives and nitrous oxide by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (D.O.C.S.).  The organization was founded in 1997 to give dentists a methodology to help millions of Americans overcome their fear of the dentist. 

Dr. Granger has many years of experience with oral sedation dentistry and as a member of D.O.C.S. he is continually updated on the latest and safest oral sedation techniques. 

Dr Granger states, “As a dentist, it is crucial to reach out to individuals who have been too afraid to come into our office. Millions of Americans fear the dentist, and that means that millions are jeopardizing their oral health. I’ve built a reputation as a gentle, caring and understanding dentist. Oral sedation dentistry is another way to offer pain-free procedures to my patients.  I invite you to learn more about how oral conscious sedation can help you have a surprisingly great experience.” 

Here’s What My Patients Are Saying about Sedation and Dentistry:

“If you have dental phobia, this is the most stress-free and pleasant experience you can have. Kudos to Dr. Granger and staff.”

“After several years of not being to the dentist because of my fear, Dr. Granger and his staff were able to change my mind. They are a fabulous team.  They make you feel very comfortable and Dr. Granger takes the time to listen to your needs and fears.”

”The hours are awesome. You can go in early in the morning and be at your normal meetings on time without pain and a numb face.”