Recommended Dental Laser Procedures

  • Gum Disease, Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease.  Dental Laser Treatments can perform numerous soft tissue procedures with little or no bleeding.  It’s an excellent solution for gum disease therapy.  Also, the laser can be used to cut overgrown gingival and make them look more aesthetic.  And the dental laser can address periodontal pocketing around your teeth without an anesthetic. Periodontal patients love this aspect.
  • Emergency to Save a Severely Broken Tooth.  People who suffered a severely broken tooth need the crown lengthened and Laser Dentistry can perform this task in one day.  
  • Decay Removal and Cavity Preparation. A dental laser can remove caries or decayed areas on your tooth and shape the affected site to accept a restoration without generating the heat and vibration of a drill.  Because laser prep increases bond strength it results in longer lasting fillings. Unlike a drill the laser does not create micro-fissures or small cracks that inadvertently weaken tooth structure and lead to more decay.  All this can be done without an anesthetic. It’s truly pain-free dentistry.
  • Enamel and Dentin Procedures. A dental laser in the hands of a skilled practitioner is an excellent tool for enamel etching and dentin desensitization. 
  • Root Canals.  Dr Granger uses the Waterlase™ Dental Laser the only root canal laser approved by the FDA. It’s laser and high-pressure water system penetrates deep into the dentinal tubules that surround the root and removes bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.  Traditional root canal therapy only cleans out the tooth’s root. The Waterlase™ Dental Laser sterilizes and increases the chances of success because it doesn’t leave behind any bacteria after the root canal is filled and sealed.  Higher success rate, less time in the chair. 
  • Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers and Tooth Bonding. If you are unhappy with your smile, Dr Granger can reshape your teeth, close spaces, restore worn or short teeth or alter their length. A dental laser and experience are the tools of Smile Design.  The laser avoids creating a smear layer and creates a great surface for successful tooth bonding and porcelain veneers.  You’ll smile with confidence. Learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry. 
  • Painless Removal of Biopsy Lesions. Hasten the healing of cold sores, herpes sores or mouth ulcerations.