NoVa Family Dentist

A Dentist for the Whole Family!

Have no fear with Dr. Granger! You and your kids will love your next visit to the dentist with sure-fire approaches for apprehensive patients.

A Family Dentist that is All About Your Family's Dental Care

You want the members of your family to avoid the pain and cost of cavities, gingivitis, more serious gum disease or periodontal issues as well as the multiple and prolonged visits to the family dentist.  Preventative dentistry from Dr. Granger will minimize the restorative dentistry you will need in the future.   If your in the McLean, Virginia area or the surrounding region like Tysons Corner or Fairfax please come by our office to find out how our family dentistry office can help your health.

Dr. Granger and his team will insure you and your family's teeth and gums are healthy.   And that’s something you can smile about! 

Control Plaque and Tartar with Dental Hygiene

The goal of every dentist and his team is the prevention of cavities, gingivitis, gum disease or more serious periodontal issues.  Regular tooth brushing and flossing combined with six-month dental hygiene checkups and regular x-rays will insure you and your family have healthy teeth and gums.  We can find hidden cavities easily. 

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Painless Cavities and Fillings 

Dr Granger performs painless cavity preparation and natural-color filling procedure faster than ever and you will avoid Novocain shots and the pain associated with fillings. 

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International Dental Patients Welcome

Over the years, Granger, DDS has provided dental services for many foreign visitors. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or something more complex, Dr Granger’s world class knowledge of sedation, laser and cosmetic dentistry will resolve your dental issues. 

Concierge Service Available

TMJ or TMD, Nighttime Teeth Grinding

If you experience soreness around your mouth and your jaw muscles upon waking, or headaches, or pain in the joint itself then the Temporomandibular joint or TMJ might be the culprit.  Dr Granger can identify and help protect you from the harmful effects of tooth grinding. 

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