Sedation Helps Overcome Fear of Dentist Visits

Oral Sedation is sometimes known as sleep dentistry, though you don’t fall asleep. It has helped millions of people get the dental work  they’ve avoided for years.  Oral sedation is safe and effective. Many of our new patients ask for it at first, but after a few visits they usually don't need sedation.

An added benefit: multiple dental services can be accomplished in fewer appointments. A perfect solution for people who don’t like dentist visits.

If you choose sedation you will remain awake throughout the procedure. You'll feel completely relaxed and afterwards. You won't have any memory of the procedure! All this is done by the use of oral medication, not by IV medication. There are no shots. You  remain conscious.

We use nitrous oxide in place of sedation for new and old patients who are more apprehensive about their visit.  It allows full function after their dental visit.

Granger DDS is trained and certified by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (D.O.C.S.) the leading oral and IV sedation dentistry training organization in the U.S. and Canada.  You can be assured you are in good hands.