Why a Laser Dentist is Beneficial to You and Your Family

  • A laser dentist keeps patients out of pain versus traditional surgery with a scalpel.  There’s less bleeding, less healing time and less anesthesia. 
  • A laser dentist eliminates the discomfort of drills and anesthesia. Drills create heat and vibration. Dental lasers don't, which allows most procedures to be completed without anesthesia.  When you remove pain, you are more relaxed and calm after the procedure.
  • A dental laser is precise and accurate.  It leaves more of the tooth’s healthy structure and reduces the chance of damaging healthy tissue.  You heal faster!
  • A dental laser safely performs reconstructive and cosmetic functions while preserving the surrounding tissues and bone structure.
  • A dental laser is faster than traditional methods. Treatments from your laser dentist that required two or three visits with traditional methods now are completed in just one visit. You’ll save precious time!