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With laser dentistry, oral sedation, and compassionate experience, Dr. Granger can offer you a better way to dental health.

Sedation Dentistry

If you are filled with fear when you think about visiting the dentist, dentistry Sedation is a popular dental solution.  Dr. Granger, has many years of experience in sedation dentistry and in his hands it is a truly gentle dental experience.

Visiting a sedation dentist has become an extremely popular choice because there are several benefits for the dentist and a the patient.  Visiting a sedation dentist is the only way that some people can receive the dental hygiene services that they need to maintain and improve their health.

If you are in the Virginia or DC area and are in need of sedation dentistry then Dr. Kevin Granger DDS is the dental expert you need.

What is Sedation And How Can It Help Apprehensive Patients?

Sedation Dentistry is sometimes called sleep dentistry even though you don’t fall asleep. It has helped millions of people get the dental hygiene they’ve avoided for years.  Many of our patients ask the dentist for sedation first, but after just a few visits they usually don't need sedation any more.

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Dr Granger Aswers Questions about Sedation Dentists

Q. What is Oral Conscious Sedation? 

A.  Oral Conscious Sedation allows people to undergo all types of dental treatment while in a totally relaxed and comfortable state. This is achieved by use of oral pills and nitrous oxide gas. While the patient is deeply relaxed they are never asleep or unconscious. This is contrasted to IV sedation where the patient has IV medications injected in them. There are no IV needles used in conscious oral sedation.  

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Granger, DDS Trained and Certified as a Sedation Dentist. 

Dr. Granger is trained and certified in the administration of oral sedatives and nitrous oxide by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (D.O.C.S.).  The organization was founded in 1997 to give sedation dentists a methodology to help millions of Americans overcome their fear of the dentist. 

Training & Certification