The Value of Conscious Oral Sedation and Laser Dentistry

One hundred and fifty years ago, dentists were likely the only medical people in their community.  Their tools were crude and pain prevention methods were limited. Today, dentists have access to a large number of pain prevention methods.  Conscious Oral Sedation is an excellent solution for patients who are apprehensive or who want to complete a large amount of work in a short period of time.

I learned the value of sedation through my residency experience in operating rooms.  If you can reduce the amount of trauma a patient experiences, the quicker they recover. I am constantly improving my knowledge of oral sedation by attending seminars and lectures because I am dedicated to improving my patient’s experience. 

The second tool I use to practice pain-free dentistry is Laser Technology. This tool doesn’t create the heat and vibration of a drill, so patients don’t need a needle to prevent discomfort.  A laser is precise, minimizing the amount of tooth structure or soft gum tissue to be removed. Hydrokinetic energy is the key.  Laser energy combined with a spray of cool atomized water does the work of a drill or scalpel.