Dental Solutions for Your Busy Lifestyle

TMJ or TMD Nighttime Teeth Grinding

If you experience soreness around your mouth and your jaw muscles upon waking, or headaches, or pain in the joint itself, then the Temporomandibular joint or TMJ might be the culprit.  Dr Granger can identify and help protect you from the harmful effects of tooth grinding or Bruxixm caused by TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.  He’ll recommend a simple molding or night-time device to protect your smile from the harmful effects of tooth grinding. Patients find the device un-intrusive. You'll find relief and protect your teeth!

Custom-Fit Snoring Solution

Snoring can be an incredible problem for millions of Americans and their sleeping partners. You may have been told surgery was the only solution. The engineers at SilentNite have found a much more comfortable and affordable way to prevent your snores, treating you and your spouse to un-disturbed, restful sleep.  Don't wake yourself or your partner one more night!

The SilentNite device gets to the root of snoring by opening the airways in your throat, and reducing the vibration of muscles and soft tissue. First, Dr. Granger will custom-fit the plastic device to your bite. Wear it every night and with its gentle elastics, the SilentNite device prevents your snoring disruptions

Salivary Diagnosis, Oral Cancer Screening, Dry Mouth Treatment

Saliva neutralizes acidity and maintains the proper PH in your mouth.  Testing your saliva or Salivary Diagnosis can tell you if you are at risk for gingivitis or periodontal diseases. Saliva is also an excellent indicator for a variety of medical issues.   

Also, Dr. Kevin Granger can administer an oral cancer screening to determine if you are at risk of oral or throat cancer.

Finally, Dr Granger can help people who suffer from symptoms of dry mouth due to chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

Mouth Guard for Sports

And if your children play sports like basketball, baseball and other contact sports or, are involved in karate or other combat sports a mouth guard is highly recommended.  Protect the investment you have made in your child’s teeth with a sports mouth guard.