Why I Love Dentistry

I love the arts and sciences and my disposition is calm. I’m always learning and I believe in constant improvement.  Dentistry comes naturally to me. It was a gift I was given. 

My interest in dentistry began in the 7th grade and I’ve followed my dream ever since. My goal is to provide the best dental prevention possible because I believe the best dental procedures are the ones that never occur.

I love patients who are pro-active about their health.  Their awareness and diligence means my focus is on maintenance.  On the other hand, patients who haven’t been to the dentist in years are more problematic. But, my experience with sedation and laser dentistry means I can minimize the amount of pain they experience and the time they spend in the chair.

I choose to care for my patients, one patient at a time.  If you’re at all apprehensive be assured I’ll make your visit as soothing as possible and together we’ll discover your most beautiful smile.